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Java/J2EE and SOA

In our Java Online Training, Core and advanced Java concepts of Java/J2EE and SOA are taught. This gives a start for a career in Advanced Java Programming.

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Java/J2EE and SOA Course Objectives

Code developing with Java data types, loops and conditions.

Functions implementing, string handling techniques and arrays.

classes, objects and concepts of Java like Final, Abstract.

Multithread implementation and handling exception.

Writing code in JDBC to communicate with Database.

Interacting with the database using hibernate framework.

Writing code with Spring framework components.

Implementing SOA through web services.

Use of SAX and DOM in Java for using parses XML.

JSP pages and web applications development.

Who can Join?

This course is created for individuals who want to become Java Developers. Many others could become beneficiaries to this course too. Aspiring web developers, web designers, programmers, Hobbyists in programming, Database Administrators, People looking to start their Career could get themselves enrolled in this course.

What are the Prerequisites?

Since Java/J2EE and SOA is solely based on Java and its applications and tools, hence, prior programming experience is required as a prerequisite. Other concepts that the clients need to be familiar with include foundations of flow-control and functions. Although prerequisite knowledge to programming concepts is not mandatory, it sure would help the client with the course. Therefore, it is recommended.

How about the Certification?

Java/J2EE and SOA allows the client to become a Java Developer. In today's technological era, any computer programming degree is not gone without use. With prerequisites including foundational knowledge of programming and even minimal past programming experience, you could go through with this course and add another Certificate to your resume.

Who are the instructors?

All the instructors conducting the class sessions are working professionals from the Industry. Most of them are working in leading organizations and have real world experience in JAVA/J2EE. All these experts are trained to conduct online training so that they can provide great learning experience.

How can I request for a support session?

As soon as you join the course, the contact number of the support team shall be provided to you along with the learning content. This number can be used by you to reach the support center.

Is it possible for me to enroll now and attend live classes after a period?

Yes, it is. You can enroll yourself in the courses whenever you like and attend the classes at your disposal. These classes can be attended by you even after a month from the registration date.

What if I miss a class?

In case a class is missed by you, you could either go for the recorded class on the same topic or attend another live class of the same topic in some other batch.

What are the system requirements to install Java?

The system requirements to installing Java need an OS of 32 bit or 64 bit. The processor must be better than core 2 duo and a 2GB RAM is required.


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