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AngularJS 2 Online Training

AngularJS 2 has been designed for developing web applications. While HTML is used for declaring static documents, AngularJS lets you extend HTML for declaring dynamic views for your web application.

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Online Training

We offer online training during weekdays as well as weekends. You have full flexibility to choose the batch according to your preferences.

Practical Experience

Our team believes that anything taught without a practical approach is not fruitful and accordingly, we inculcate that belief in our teachings.


You will complete many assignments during the course, which will be for your own benefit, to make sure that you are able to grasp every concept taught in the session. In case you cannot, our experts will help you out.


Think of this as your final exam. You have to submit a final project report, on the basis of which you will be graded by our experts. This will help you apply all the skills that you have learned during the course.

LMS Access

You have unlimited access to our Learning Management System 24x7. AngularJS tutorials, videos, solutions to various problems- avail these services without a glitch. The access is valid for a lifetime.

Job Assistance

Our HR people will help you find the dream job by assisting you with your resume drafting and equipping you with the required soft skills. It is to be noted that we do NOT guarantee job placements but we will surely help you in your job hunt.

AngularJS 2 Online Training Course Objectives

Create your own directives and pipes for DOM manipulation.

Learn XHR communication, and REST API communication.

Proper working code establish, Derive business insights.

Explore the upgrading taken place from 1.X AngularJS Application.

Techniques to develop application designs, testing practices.

How to use specific features and different ways.

DOM manipulation, DOM Events.

Node.JS,create simple functioning REST APIs.

Work on a real-life project .

Who can Join?

This course is designed for those professionals, who want to learn modern client-side design and apply it to large web applications. It will prove to be beneficial for: Web developers, people interested in JavaScript Developing, Technical Architects, Users of AngularJS 1.X who want to upgrade to the newer Angular JS 2 version, MEAN Stack Developers and Graduates interested in a career in front-end development.

What are the Pre-requisites for AngularJS?

The pre-requisites for this course includes basic understanding of HTML/CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript and Typescript.

Do you provide any Support?

We provide 24x7 support for any queries that you might have. It may be related to-Technical, Installation, Administration challenges faced by the learner, Completion of project reports, Downloading of specific software required for the course. Critical issues may be assisted through a remote computer access. After you get enrolled, the contact and email-ID of the support team will be made available to you. Ask any question that you have; it will be resolved on priority basis.

How about the Certification?

The certificate will be provided after completion of all your course modules along with the final project. The final project would be for a real client and needs to be approved by the faculty for you to be eligible for the certificate. In case your project is rejected, you will be provided with counseling and doubt clearing sessions to strengthen your core concepts. Thereafter you can rework on the project. All these services are absolutely free.

What are the System requirements for Angular JS 2?

A system with Intel i3 processor or above and a minimum 2GB RAM. As for the browser you may go for Chrome (latest version) / Mozilla with firebug (latest version).The presence of NodeJS, Npm, Grunt, Bower, Yomen, Mongo, Apache and MySQL is a plus.

How is the practical conducted for this course?

The detailed step-by-step guide is present in your LMS. Follow that, and you are ready to go! In case of any queries, you can always contact us!

I do not have any prior knowledge about AngularJS. Can I still pursue this course?

Prior knowledge is an advantage, but if you want to pursue the course without any basic information, we can still help you. Our experts will evaluate you and recommend bridging courses to bring you at par.

Can I take a demo class?

We have a limited number of participants in each batch so that the learners may get the proper attention they require. But you can get a sample recorded class video to make up your mind about the course.

Who are the instructors for the course?

The instructors are experts in their field with real time experience. They will simplify the concepts so that they are crystal clear for you.

What if I have doubt after my course is complete?

Once you get enrolled, you can post your queries anytime. The duration of your course doesn’t matter. Kindly note that you have unlimited lifetime access to the study materials.

How do I pay?

We have options of Credit cards, Debit cards, EMI and Internet Banking. For USD, we accept payment through PayPal as well. EMI facility is also available.


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